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Best dance ever

My name is John and my wife is Wendy we met along time ago while i was still living in England and she lived in the States.



Wendy knew my mom Rita long befor she knew me they met on instant messanger my wife couldent spell very wel as she has dislexia and people were being horrible to her and my mom stepped in and said something and they became very good friends ever since.One day my mom had to go out so she said to Wendy to talk to her son (me) till she got back well that was just the begining of a wonderfull relationship,we would talk every day and most of the night for about a year or so.Wendy was very sick at the time she had to go in for an operation and some how we lost contact with each other for a long time then one day i just decided to see if her email was still the same and sent her a message she wrote back and said John is this really u i told her yes :) i think about 2 years had passed by this time well we picked up where we left off it was like we had never lost each other we had alot to catch up on. We talked for a long time then one day we decided it was time to meet so i came over to the states for a visit it was in march of 19--,I have to say when i stepped off that plane and saw her for the first time in person she was the most beutifull woman i had ever seen ,we stayed at a hotel in Pittsfield,Mass the fist day was wierd as it was the first time we had met and were alone things didnt go perfect i had 1 disaster but thats another story lol. It was snowing all week but it was awsome we walked in the snow went for a wonderfull meal and she just showed me around and took care of me,by the end of the week i had fallen very deeply in love with her and that was over 10 years ago and i love her just as much now if not more than i ever did.